Hyena Drag Racing Team (UK)


All of the Hyenas originate from the Southend on Sea area. The sea front in
Southend has always been a suitable place for hooligans and boy racers to
congregate, however, none of us really fit into either of those categories

Needless to say though, thats where most of us met during the early 80's. A
local industrial estate (our very own Quarter Mile) allowed us to hone our
early drag racing skills,assuming that you can "drag race"  Yamaha
FSIE,standard Ford Escort van (with tools),  Morris Minor, 3 litre Capri's etc.
and actually require any serious "straightline" skill that is.

Rhayader in Mid Wales played host to the majority of our off road adventures
during the 90's.

Drag racing came into the picture as a result of our very own Bois deciding
that the sport was likely to be less painful than Enduro riding. Good thinking
Bois, but its certainly not cheaper.

We decided on the team name during a particularly hot meeting at Avon
Park, when all around us were miserable in the queue to the start line after
another oil down. We were the only ones laughing AGAIN!. (I cant remember
if the oil down was our friend Smax Smith or another VW!)

A few of our friends have come and gone, but all remain Hyena's at heart!
The Hyena's now welcome the second generation of racers as Stacey Reed
joins the clan in Junior Dragster.
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Drag Racing Time-Distance