Chris "Bois" Reed

Every circus needs a clown and our clown is definitely Bois. Known for his antics both on and off the track. I mean, who else could hit different walls of the track on consecutive passes or get a shocking pink bike to fly? 

Off the track he is equally as crazy, drinking and dancing the evenings away, swimming in the huge puddles during wet downtime or cruising the pits at Hockenheim in a paddling pool on the back of a pickup truck with two strange Germans (all dressed in Mankinis). 

That said, Bois is an experienced and formidable racer who builds his own engines and tunes the bike himself (Chunk's too). He is always ready to help anyone with his "expert" knowledge.Bois started off in 9.90 Bike but soon progressed to Super Street Bike because he didn't like to slow down.